Student Testimonials

Students in Education and Training courses are excited about what they are learning and about getting a head start towards a career in education. Listen for yourself!

TEA Time Podcast: Grow Your Own Episode

TEA speaks with Leander ISD educator Stacet Eberwine and student Sylvia Brooks about their district's "Grow Your Own" teaching program

Sylvia Brooks, junior student in Instructional Practices, shares the following:

  • “I learned . . . how to differentiate our lesson plans for different learners, because not every kid learns the same. Everybody goes at their different pace; they learn in different styles.”
  • “I am learning about all the things a teacher needs to run a classroom . . . We have experience working with all different types of children, and getting comfortable in that environment . . . is very helpful.”
  • “It sets you up for success in teaching . . . and really helps set up your future career.”

Stacy Eberwine, teacher at Vista Ridge High School, shares the following:

  • “You may walk into the classroom [or] leave the classroom and your internship and realize, ‘This is definitely what I want to do,’ and that is extremely rewarding.”